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Zhara Jaffrey English 391W December 20, 2010 Final Paper                                     Kathryn Harrison- A Trustworthy Autobiographer             The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison is an autobiographical memoir. An autobiographic memoir is written by a person themselves; it is a record containing intimate knowledge of them and is based on their own observations, it is the truth. Autobiography […]

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Throughout this semester we have gone through an number of autobiographies and while reading on them I have discovered more that I am looking forward to reading.  We read a number of different types of autobiographies, first my favorite ones which were Alice Sebold’s Lucky and Kathryn Harrison’s The Kiss. Sebold showed that she was […]

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“A crucial difference between traditional biographies—including film and television—and people’s lives represented in the online “space” is that online identities are easily manipulated at any time by the individual subject or by others. There is no doubt that even this single feature, the ability to “manage” online content at will, is chang­ing the way we […]

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