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“A crucial difference between traditional biographies—including film and television—and people’s lives represented in the online “space” is that online identities are easily manipulated at any time by the individual subject or by others. There is no doubt that even this single feature, the ability to “manage” online content at will, is chang­ing the way we see ourselves and each other.”(76)

In looking at autobiographies and biography this is a very important point that we sometimes miss, the fact that there is a progressive change from what was considered autobiographical to what is now considered autobiographical or should be considered autobiographical. Autobiographies are supposed to be truthful and here like in books the author or the holder of the facebook account for example has the ability to show and hide what he /she pleases. The owner of the facebook can allow for some people to view some things while clearly preventing others from veiwing other things. As Arthur is saying a person has the ability to manage the content that is displayed and thru this may only being showing parts of him or herself that they want to reveal and hide the rest. Digitial biography according to Arthur gives a person theability to write down and blog whatever they like at their own discretion. Sometimes certain people make whole family albums on facebook and other such accounts in which they are also subjectifying the members of the family based on their clothing and expressions for the viewer for example. Arthur is basically saying that although through digital biography one has the ability to show the self, personality, identity, and experience, they “manage” what they want people to see.

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December 8th, 2010 at 4:43 pm

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