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Throughout this semester we have gone through an number of autobiographies and while reading on them I have discovered more that I am looking forward to reading.  We read a number of different types of autobiographies, first my favorite ones which were Alice Sebold’s Lucky and Kathryn Harrison’s The Kiss. Sebold showed that she was truly lucky, what I liked most about the text was the manner in which she seemed to be able to detail and describe what had happened and how she felt. Harrison did an absolutly amazing job in the was she seemed to just take a picture and describe what happened, for example the fact that she had wanted to attain the attention of her mother and the manner in which her mother reacted. These were both sexual trauma autobiographies and were very sad.

                I have began to appreciate autobiographies more then I did before, and have learned a lot, such as the fact that there are various forms of writing an autobiography. For example we read Ann Sexton and Lyn Hejinians autobiographies in class, they were written in a poetic form. There were pieces from both of their lives that the reader understood and learned as well as much of their lives seemed to be a blank space, in other words nothing was spelled out. Hejinian and Sexton did not tell it in a form of consecutive narration but more scattered and poetic.

                Prior to taking this class I did not realize that autobiographies could have pictures in it, or even comics. This is one of the reasons I really appreciated Bechal’s work in her autobiography, everything was depicted with as little writing as possible, the reader got a better idea of how she remembered the scene and the expressions on people faces.  Another really surprising thing to me was the fact that a personal essay was included under the genre of autobiographies. This is probably because I had always expected autobiographies to be long but, through this class I learned they can even be as short as a few pages to as long as the author wants them to be, but as long as they speak about a particular topic or experience it is considered an autobiography.

                It was interesting for me to learn that in order for something to be considered an autobiography there were rules and regulations the writer needed to follow. These ideas and criticisms especially came up in the case of Lucky and The Kiss.

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December 8th, 2010 at 5:06 pm

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