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Zhara Jaffrey English 391W December 20, 2010 Final Paper                                     Kathryn Harrison- A Trustworthy Autobiographer             The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison is an autobiographical memoir. An autobiographic memoir is written by a person themselves; it is a record containing intimate knowledge of them and is based on their own observations, it is the truth. Autobiography […]

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Throughout this semester we have gone through an number of autobiographies and while reading on them I have discovered more that I am looking forward to reading.  We read a number of different types of autobiographies, first my favorite ones which were Alice Sebold’s Lucky and Kathryn Harrison’s The Kiss. Sebold showed that she was […]

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“A crucial difference between traditional biographies—including film and television—and people’s lives represented in the online “space” is that online identities are easily manipulated at any time by the individual subject or by others. There is no doubt that even this single feature, the ability to “manage” online content at will, is chang­ing the way we […]

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In the excerpt from Julia Watson’s “Autographic Disclosures and Genealogies of Desire in Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home,” she makes the claim that  Fun Homeis auto-graphic and is thus difficult to accept it as autobiography. This is because auto graphics such as Bechdels contains cartoons. She says “disjunctions between the cartoon panel and the verbal text” […]

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The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison is an amazingly well thought out and written memoir. There are many interesting aspects of this memoir, the very first is the scattered manner in which Harrison writes; by this I mean the fact that Harrison jumps from one time during her life to another. Harrison  opens her memoir with the […]

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One of the main themes seen throughout Anne  Sexton’s poem selection To Bedlam and Part Way Back  is “death.”  “The Double Image” and  “Elizabeth Gone” are two poems in which  Sexton mentions death clearly. “Elizabeth Gone”, is an interesting poem because at first Sexton seems to miss Elizabeth and speak to her as though she […]

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Zhara Jaffrey October 24, 2010 English 391W Prospectus and Annotated Bibliography             For this research paper I am interested in writing about Lucky by Alice Sebold, Telling: A Memoir of Rape & Recovery by Patricia Weaver Francisco, and I am a Central Park Jogger: A story of Hope and Possibility by Tisha Meili. I am […]

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Zhara Jaffrey October 20, 2010 Topic: I would like to explore how different women write rape and sexual abuse memoirs.  What some writers decide to include while others feel a necessity to omit. I would also include how some women give more detail to the unfortunate occurrence while other emphasize how they feelings and emotions. […]

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